Construction projects by their nature present an environment where people can be injured. However, accidents  can be prevented, and people who constantly practice safety awareness can help prevent injuries to themselves and limit injury to their fellow workers. Our commitment is to make our projects and operations as safe as  possible while maintaining our timeline and professionalism. 
An effective program requires site-specific planning, accountability, attitude, continuous site monitoring and training. Each project is closely analyzed to identify and mitigate risks to the health and well-being of workers and the public. The development of project safety plans is key to ensuring that all operations run smooth and without health or safety issues, environmental awareness and sensitivity to the concerns of the communities in which it works are also important elements of the Company’s safety management. Maintaining the quality of life for residents and businesses in neighborhoods impacted by construction for extended durations is essential to the safe progress of the work.
Every person on the worksite shares equally the responsibility to maintain a safe working environment.  Taking corrective action on safety hazards is appreciated and encouraged at all levels of employment.
All project personnel must participate in the Company's extensive orientation program, which includes the recognition of safety and environmental health issues as project priorities. Walsh Contracting Corp believes that it is the Company’s responsibility to provide its workers with the tools required to implement its safety program. Walsh employees at all levels are monitored by the company’s full-time safety team. 
Of course, the Company also operates in full compliance with all safety and health regulations established by federal, state and local governments.

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